The Dressmaker

dressmaker-theDirector: Jocelyn Moorhouse
Run Time: 1h 59m
Stars: 2.0

Saw The Dressmaker the other day. Only once. Once is enough. Continue reading


Independence Day: Resurgence

Independence Day - ResurgenceDirector: Roland Emmerich
Run Time: 2 Long
Stars: 0.5

We had twenty years to make a great movie. Wtf happened?

It will be difficult to logically encapsulate my hatred for this movie because logic was omitted from its entirety. I will abandon my usual ‘spoiler free’ stance and spoil the hell out of things without apologizing. I will give you a heads up to skip a paragraph or two but I’m doing you a favor by providing the information. A huge, $12+, 120-minute favor. What a sh*tfest. Continue reading