The Snowman

Snowman, TheDirector: Tomas Alfredson
Run Time: 1h 59m
Stars: 1.5

Bahahahahahahahaha!!! This is the worst. Continue reading


Patriots Day

patriots-dayDirector: Peter Berg
Run Time: 2h 13m
Stars: 2.5

America remembers April 15, 2013. Two terrorists planted bombs at the finish line of the Boston Marathon and the results were graphic and tragic. Boston police, the FBI, and citizens worked together to capture the men responsible. Continue reading

Terminator Genisys

Terminator Genisys opt 2Director: Alan Taylor
Run Time: 2h 6m
Stars: 2.5

Having had the plot of this movie ruined by the trailer (and the latest movie poster, which I refuse to post here), my expectations were low for Terminator Genisys. Good thing I had such a change of heart because Arnold Schwarzenegger was the best thing about it. Sadly, I’m not joking. Continue reading