Justice League

Justice LeagueDirector: Zack Snyder
Run Time: 2h
Stars: 2.0

Well. It wasn’t as bad as Suicide Squad. So there’s that. Continue reading


The Mummy (2017)

Mummy, TheDirector: Alex Kurtzman
Run Time: 1h 50m
Stars: 2.0

Technically there is a mummy in this summer popcorn flick — and I guess hooray for female representation in the underworld or whatever. But she’s just one of MANY parts. Too many parts. Like, soooooo many parts! Continue reading


SelflessDirector: Tarsem Singh
Run Time: 1h 47m
Stars: 2.0

The tagline for this movie reads:

God created man.
Man created immortality.

Um…I’m pretty sure that’s false but what the heck. Let’s find out what else you got wrong, Self/less. Continue reading

The Age of Adaline

Age of Adaline, TheDirector: Lee Toland Krieger
Run Time: 1h 52m
Stars: 3.5

If you were to ask the half-century sorority girls sitting next to me in the theater, they’d give Adaline a “5”. A “high-five”, in fact…every 10 minutes…in between squeals and plot predictions…for a full two hours…

Now, we’ll save my theater etiquette pet peeves for another time. Instead I’ll simply say I may not have the same enthusiasm for The Age of Adaline mostly because I’m so conflicted on whether or not I liked it. Continue reading