The Foreigner

Foreigner, TheDirector: Martin Campbell
Run Time: 1h 53m
Stars: 3.0

I mean, technically Jackie Chan is in this… Continue reading


Midnight Special

Midnight SpecialDirector: Jeff Nichols
Run Time: 1h 52m
Stars: 3.0

Midnight Special is basically a twisted, more adult Tomorrowland sprinkled with Powder.

Part of me had every intention of revealing as little of the plot as possible. However, I wished I had dug a little deeper to understand what I was getting into before I saw Midnight Special so I’ve decided to offer a few details. I promise not to reveal the major secrets though. Continue reading


SouthpawDirector: Antoine Fuqua
Run Time: 2h 4m
Stars: 4.0

Jake Gyllenhaal didn’t have me impressed with Nightcrawler. (Sorry, not sorry). But his performance in Southpaw led me to root for him as if he really were a boxer who had something to prove.

Oh, and I should warn you I will probably slip in several boxing puns. Enjoy. Continue reading