Manchester by the Sea

manchester-by-the-seaDirector: Kenneth Lonergan
Run Time: 2h 17m
Stars: 4.5

How much pain can one heart hold?
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Nocturnal Animals

nocturnal-animalsDirector: Tom Ford
Run Time: 1h 56m
Stars: 2.0

In college I had to take Comp Lit. My left-brained self was less than thrilled when we started our poetry segment. I remember one assignment where I had to read a poem about this girl who was trying to braid her hair but it was wet, and analyze it. I sat at our kitchen table in tears as I screamed “I don’t get it! Why won’t she just grab a freakin’ towel? What is her problem!?” My über creative, right-brained brother then picked up my textbook, read through it once, and calmly explained the meaning of the words and what I was meant to see. (Spoiler alert: not at all about her stupid hair.) In addition to forming an agreement with my brother that he’d help me survive Comp Lit, I also discovered that I despised overly metaphorical works of art.

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AlohaDirector: Cameron Crowe
Run Time: 1h 45m
Stars: 1.5

You know that thing where someone talks a whole bunch but doesn’t actually say anything? It’s usually reserved for reality stars, politicians, and babies of YouTube. Adding to the list of offenders: the characters of Aloha. Continue reading