The Comedian

comedian-theDirector: Taylor Hackford
Run Time: 2h 0m
Stars: 1.0

Watch Robert De Niro play a man who has hit rock bottom while De Niro himself seems to have hit rock bottom. Continue reading


Movie-Themed Christmas Tree

Years ago, my mom tasked my brother and I with being solely responsible for decorating the Christmas tree. We chose to showcase music and movies — our respective true loves — and it was glorious. Being completely broke, our “ornaments” mostly consisted on memorabilia we found around the house, some crafting, and a lot of imagination. Oh, and we set it up on top of our dining room table so the neighbors could behold the masterpiece in all it’s glory. Needless to say, Mom was NOT happy.

So imagine my surprise when she invited me to revisit the movie-themed tree this year! Husband and I are currently back home with my parents while our home is being built, so she’s all nostalgic that her baby is back under her roof. She wanted to make it a memorable Christmas. Her only stipulation: no trees on the dining room table. Continue reading