It Comes at Night

It Comes At NightDirector: Trey Edward Shults
Run Time: 1h 31m
Stars: 4.0

Which is worse: Trusting the wrong person? Or not trusting the right one? Continue reading


Alien: Covenant

Alien - CovenantDirector: Ridley Scott
Run Time: 2h 2m
Stars: 1.5

Four friends walk out of the theater.
One asks no one in particular, “So…was that a good movie??”

The three of us respond in unison, “No.” Continue reading

10 Cloverfield Lane

10 Cloverfield LaneDirector: Dan Trachtenberg
Run Time: 1h 43m
Stars: 2.5

I have gone back and forth about what my final star-rating should be and I’ve settled on the fact that I cannot forgive the last 20 minutes of 10 Cloverfield Lane. Congratulations, Mr. Abrams. You ruined a perfectly good movie. Continue reading

The Witch

Witch, TheDirector: Robert Eggers
Run Time: 1h 32m
Stars: 3.5

Instead of being a horror flick, The Witch is a slow-burn mind-f***. Incredibly disturbing, the impact of the film will come well after you’ve left the theater. Continue reading


71Director: Yann Demange
Run Time: 1h 39m
Stars: 4.0

This is the gripping story of an abandoned British soldier behind enemy lines. Even though Jack O’Connell is once again a man trapped during war, he doesn’t disappoint. Yann Demange impresses with his theatrical directorial debut, ’71.

Continue reading