Thor: Ragnarok

Thor - RagnarokDirector: Taika Waititi
Run Time: 2h 10m
Stars: 3.0

What I Love: Taika Waititi, Chris Hemsworth, their real-life bromance
What I Do Not Love: Taika’s cinematic love letter to Rock, Paper, Scissors (starring Chris Hemsworth)

Strap in for Marvel’s Thunder, Fire, Death: A Comedy

No Spoilers:
Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is trapped! But then he gets out of it. He has a family reunion, and then gets trapped! He totally doesn’t get out of it and gets further trapped! He has a work-family reunion and gets untrapped! Bad news is the Asgardians are trapped! That means our [second] favorite thunder buddies must travel across galaxies to save Asgard from the evil goddess of death, Hela (Cate Blanchet). But she’s like, super powerful and it’s gonna be hard and there may or may not be a nod to Mufasa at some point.

Just saying.

First of all, this movie is Hela funny! (See what I did there.) Waititi and Hemsworth are naturally funny gents and they were essentially given $200M to make a fanfic flick about what they’d love to see in a Thor movie…while tripping on acid. The jokes are constant and make for some truly hilarious moments. I particularly appreciated the fact that not all of them are in-your-face jokes either. (I saw you high-five that fist bump, Bruce.) If you’ve seen any of Waititi’s previous films you know his brand of dry humor that hits the mark every time.

But that’s about it. Thor: Ragnarok is a solid comedy, but a lackluster action flick. All those bad*** battles we see in the trailer are merely snippets of a memory or setups to yet another joke. Don’t get me wrong, there are a few fight sequences. They just aren’t as important as the comedy. We finally get the Thor + Hulk buddy movie we never knew we wanted and they don’t do all that much.

Now. Cate Blanchett. Goddess supreme. She was magnificent and sinister and all-around awesome. But I have a MAJOR issue with her origin story. I won’t spoil anything for those twelve people who haven’t already seen this movie. However, I will say that her existence required secrets on a scale so grand the American government would be Hela jealous. (Hela yes, I did it again!) But seriously, when I found out who she is and where she came from I was in full eye-roll mode every time it was brought up again.

Lastly, Jeff Goldblum is a national treasure. That is all.

Honestly, everyone has already seen this movie. So my whole “Rent it!” suggestion is wasted here. Merry Christmas.

Last year Taika Waititi gave us another epic duo taking on nature instead of the galaxy. It’s also a film that introduced the world to the beautiful soul that is Julian Dennison. If you’ve never seen — or heard of — Hunt for the Wilderpeople, please correct that void in your life immediately. Here’s why it’s important.


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