Logan Lucky

Logan LuckyDirector: Steven Soderbergh
Run Time: 1h 58m
Stars: 3.0

The director of the Ocean’s trilogy…spoofs the Ocean’s trilogy.

The Logan’s are known for their bad luck. Well, that is if you ask Clyde Logan (Adam Driver). His brother Jimmy (Channing Tatum) believes in making your own luck. Even if he was injured in Afghanistan, loses his job for not reporting his “disability”, and has his baby mama (Katie Holmes) trying to take his daughter even farther away than she is now. What the Logan’s need is a lot of money and all of their problems will disappear. Jimmy comes up with an elaborate plan to rob the NASCAR stadium at an upcoming race. He gets Jimmy and their sister Mellie (Riley Keough) on board, but in order to pull this off they’ll need help from experienced criminal Joe Bang (Daniel Craig). The catch is he’s currently incarcerated at the local penitentiary. Joe also insists the Logan brothers need to recruit the Bang brothers (Jack Quaid and Brian Gleeson). They’re morons. The plan is hatched, things go wrong, and there’s a lot of science involved. With the FBI on the case, the Bangs itching for their bucks, and red flags popping up all around, the Logan’s are about to find out how lucky they really are… or aren’t.

Let’s get one thing straight. Logan Lucky is a really stupid movie. Ridiculous in every way. You will ask yourself multiple times, “Why am I watching this?” And to be perfectly honest, you may never get your answer. The saving grace comes from one contradictory fact: Logan Lucky is a really fun movie.

This movie has its fair share of problems. Sketchy timelines, hollow motives, overly convenient coincidences. Not to mention the disappearance of Sebastian Stan (always a problem). But Logan Lucky knows it’s ridiculous. It’s trying to be ostentatious and all-around goofy. Here we find yet another example of a film succeeding because it never tries to be something other than itself: light-hearted.

The strongest ally Logan Lucky has is its cast. When you read the call list you would think you’re about to watch a very serious drama. Daniel Craig isn’t exactly known for his comedic repertoire. (And that’s only because most don’t know about his Force Awakens cameo.) However, Craig, Tatum, Driver, and even Holmes work together to bring some big laughs. Seeing Seth MacFarlane’s name should probably be a dead giveaway that you are in for a joke-fest. (He’s disguised as a NASCAR driver, FYI.) One dry punch line after another is delivered at the mercy of these actors and I don’t think they could have picked a better cast. Watching these dramatic actors kick back and have one hell of a good time onscreen allows the audience to enjoy it that much more. Honestly, these jokes probably would not have been nearly as funny if anyone else was reciting them.

Logan Lucky‘s humor is not your typical 21st century gab. The jokes come with a dryer sense of humor than the world is used to and it’s a refreshing change of pace. Every once in a while they’ll throw in some slapstick or physical comedy just to keep it interesting. And if you’re offended by jokes triggered by a prosthetic arm…you may want to skip this one.

As much as I laughed throughout this film, it was by no means a masterpiece. As I stated before there were so many issues with the plot and the timeline. Characters disappear and reappear as the plot sees fit. Morals are consulted one minute to be cast aside the next when it no longer appeases the goal. It’s very Ocean-esque with its finale and that’s truly when things fall apart with the logic. Even though this movie is not trying to be serious, they could’ve done a little better at hiding their mistakes.

If you’re looking for an easy laugh — or you’re a disgruntled employee looking for motivation for some revenge — I would recommend Logan Lucky for a weeknight rental. Grab a pizza, an ice cold beer, and saddle up for a heist worthy of a rodeo.

Oddly enough, Katie Holmes has a role in next year’s Ocean’s Eight movie which is rebooting the franchise with an all-female cast. Soderbergh is one of the producers of the project so I’m curious to see how that will turn out.

On another note, speaking of movies catering to disgruntled employees stealing from the rich to give to the poor: 2011’s Tower Heist is all for it. Again, not a masterpiece, but a good source of laughter if you’re open to it.


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