Bridge of Spies

Bridge of SpiesDirector: Steven Spielberg
Run Time: 2h 21m
Stars: 4.0

Directed by Steven Spielberg. Written by…the Coen Brothers?? Oh, so that’s why this movie was so good. Continue reading



SicarioDirector: Denis Villeneuve
Run Time: 2h 1m
Stars: 4.0

Occasionally I will see a great movie…that I don’t actually like. Now how do I explain this one? Continue reading

The Walk

Walk, TheDirector: Robert Zemeckis
Run Time: 2h 3m

Stars: 3.5

It is an unfortunate reality that children born in the 2000’s will never know the beauty of a pre-2001 NYC skyline. Yes, the city has been rebuilt and there are symbols that stand in place of the World Trade Center. But those Towers were symbolic long before they had a somber reminder attached to them. If you’re looking for a way to explain to your children how majestic the Twin Towers were, just have them watch The Walk. Continue reading

The Martian

Martian, TheDirector: Ridley Scott
Run Time: 2h 24m
Stars: 5.0

If asked to describe The Martian in one word it would be hard to choose between either “smart” or simply “yes”. Either is fitting. Both are accurate. Continue reading

Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

Maze Runner The Scorch TrialsDirector: Wes Ball
Run Time: 2h 12m
Stars: 3.5

Seemingly inspired by The Last of Us, we have graduated from “Welcome to the Glade” to “Welcome to the Scorch”. Allegedly Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials has deviated from the book series quite a bit, though I wouldn’t know firsthand–I should really remedy that. Continue reading